How can we

not talk about us

For me, elsewhere, is not a destination.

It's a proximity with a distance.
 Ed Zitther

“Take pictures

of what you fear.”
Diane Arbus

Ed Zitther is above all a composer. He is less a photographer than an artist who practices the technique as a pianist plays music with his instrument. It can easily be understood by visiting three simple principles: sprezzatura, the theater of the world and the editing by putting in relation.

NOT take pictures /

make photographs FROM A to z, even a bit beyonD /


To demonstrate sprezzatura is a virtue that appears in the Renaissance in Italy. It is about using in all things a certain nonchalance, which masks artifice, and that shows what one does, as if he had come without effort and without thinking about it. Thus, art becomes what does not seem to be art. This ability to give an appearance of facility, ease and naturalness to the most difficult achievements is the basis of this work.

Make photographs as we make cinema

A theater of the world

His photographs sometimes seem to come from chance, while it is never the case. Each of them is the product of an initial project, of a deep and documented reflection, and also of a precise method of realization, resulting from a technically meticulous shooting protocol.
He works like a film director. For him, it is about producing worlds from the real, to "make" photographs as we "make" cinema. So, he never "takes" pictures. He "makes" photographs that translate something abstract by making it visible.
Prints put into context
Finally, he often juxtaposes several of his prints – in di- or triptych for example - or shares them with other contemporary artists in order to include them in collaborative works.

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