elie levine /

collage /

What if I took the picture books

of my life,

and attacked them

Are we a strand of the thread of a tapestry,

a snapshot of cosmic collage


 Alex Svi

A work has no object or subject.
It is made of very different materials,

shapes, times and speeds.
It opens in each of the doors

that we are sometimes alone to have.


L'objet /

une chose à nommer /

The "fortuitous encounter on a dissection table of a sewing machine and an umbrella", an expression of Lautréamont, became the emblem of the surrealist approach, which could juxtapose everything, particularly through "exquisite corpses", verbal or visual.
Not all telescoping is convincing, but few produce banalities. To get out of the highways of thought, collage is a method that is always accessible and conducive to renewal. Even when forced and forced, as was the case for Godard, he brings a slap in the face
perpendicular to what was running straight.
Then the telescoping wriggles in anticipation of a clear fusion, and a powder shot at first sight, we can aim at the charm of long-lasting collisions, the vein of distractions, the wise construction of a jubilation...


is it about vice of vertue

am i raped by ideas