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Give body to drawing

Enter it as if you were in a confidential office,
or even better, in an open-air garden of confidences.

Because all those voices who have experienced or thought about the erotic energy in their intimacy come to you to share this manna of sensations. In their frankness they may appear

immoral and would not easily lend themselves to being said.

That's why I put them together.
Elisa Brune


On February 2, 2012 at the "Délire en Formation" Gallery in Paris opened an astonishing exhibition: a good hundred of the drawings of a woman - Elisa Else (pseudonym of Elisa Brune) - about a man's body. A passion for the body, for drawing.

a passion FOR DRAWING /


Elisa Brune will publish one year later "Le Salon des confidences" at Odile Jacob
- "I have gathered everyone's experience, lived and described in a thousand situations. Enter it as if you were in a confidential room. Because all those voices that have lived or thought about the erotic energy
in intimacy come to you to share this thirst for fulfillment.

Do women want men as much as men want women? Testimonies, stories and reflections reveal the reality of female desire, its turns, its fragility and the possibility to deploy it in large format. We will hear it in all its forms, shy or passionate, voracious, comic or poetic....

And we will see the body of man appear, finally desirable and desired. Here opens the time for a shared appetite for confidence in confidence." 
The Else collection is the complete collection of these drawings, which bear witness to this passion for a body.


Yes, women swoon for a shoulder, buttock, penis, and they know how to say it precisely

It is all about giving voice to women's sexual desire. This desire is reflected both in their own erotic drive, the desire to enjoy their bodies, and in the attraction for the body and sex of men, these great absentees from art and literature.
Yes, women swoon over a shoulder, a buttock, a penis, and they know how to say it precisely. They confide their emotions in front of men's bodies, and the way they look at their sex in all its forms. The desirable body of men is approached here as a subject in its own right, subject fully lived, fully literary, fully poetic. Through the desire of women, it is the revolution of the male body that starts up.



Elisa Brune - Le cabinet des confidences.