What if art

could be involuntary 

Are we a strand of the thread of a tapestry,

a snapshot of cosmic collage


Sommes-nous un brinl du fil d'une tapisserie,
un instantané du collage cosmique

 Alex Svi

Une oeuvre n'a ni objet ni sujet.

Elle est faite de matières, de formes diverses,

de temps et de vitesses très différentes.

Elle ouvre en chacun des portes

que nous sommes parfois seul à avoir.

The involuntary /

unbeknownst to us /

How can we describe a notion as fragile as blindness?
Pierre Sauvanet writes: "Unbeknownst to us is what is done in us without us - but not exactly in spite of us. It is a question of trusting what "is being" done in us - this "trusting" doing itself, gradually, without us. "It is a direct circuit, which avoids the detour by discursive thinking and can act without being summoned. It must be recognized that for some things, the intention and the project act more like hand brakes.


There is no point in clutching, you have to release the brake and give free rein to the creative flow. How can we promote this fluidity, which is one of the aims of this book, both in terms of the form and content of the chapters, which will now be able to scroll freely.
Living without thinking about it can be learned, fleeing the stench of the world too, looking next to the other side, ignoring what you are up to, etiolizing your rudder, thinking of forgetting yourself, demobilizing your will, all this in a blur of electricity, an intense candor, a concrete casualness, impervious to concerns, gender
swallow, in its fullness, speechless....