Modernity as scandal,

of all times, everywhere.


So the stingy ones find the sex dull.
You have to be ogre in the gift.



 Isabelle Sorente  / Le cœur de l’ogre

Many works are unattributed, discovered all over the world and sometimes identified over time - Rops - Rubens - Goya - Marquet - and many others that are part of arrangements in dialogue with the recurrent artists in the collection.

Félicien rops /

tragedy and pleasure /

I cherish my darkness,

I have made it a dilettantism and, in this time when all painters triumph on canvas like red tails at the fair, not being known is an enviable distinction.

Félicien Rops

My soul is locked in my body,
like a hungry tiger in a rail cage, and my terrible passions howl like him.
All men seem small, petty, let's polish without greatness,
travel clerks in their poor eroticities. (...)
Anything that frightens men in their little physical appetites,
fearful of unnamed caresses, has, since childhood, seemed simple, natural and beautiful.
A man giving to his mistress' body
all the intoxication his mouth can invent,
two women covering each other with kisses,
have always seemed to me the most beautiful things in the world to celebrate
by the pen or pencil.
Hence the hatred of fools,
and that art that no one dared to do before me.
I walked around naked,
with an unspeakable disdain for all the modesty weaknesses
and in the noble exaltation of my manhood,
at a time when bag pallets veil ugliness
and the thinness of a humanity in decline.
And I'm proud of what I've done.
Letter from Rops to X.
Editions Complexe

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